Sundroid: Sunrise and Sunset

Sundroid: Sunrise and Sunset

By Dave Morrissey

Sundroid: Sunrise and SunsetSundroid: Sunrise and SunsetSundroid: Sunrise and SunsetSundroid: Sunrise and SunsetSundroid: Sunrise and Sunset

Sundroid calculates sunrise and sunset occasions, moonrise and moonset occasions, lunar section, and planet rise and set occasions for any date and any location on Earth.



* Sunrise and sundown times

* Length of day and solar transit

* Moonrise and moonset times

* Lunar section and illumination

* Planet rise and set times

* Planet transit and risen time

* Sun, moon and planet tracker

* Monthly calendars with list and grid views

* Yearly aphelion, perihelion, eclipse, solstice and equinox dates

* View any date and any location

* Locate by GPS, map, and title search

* Save locations

* Two themes: twilight blue and midnight grey

* Four widgets: Sun, Moon, Sun Moon, Moon Phase

No adverts. No trackers. No spyware. No in-app purchases. Free and open source.

This is a newly rebuilt version of an app final out there on Google Play in 2015, and a lot of the options that had been once included in Sundroid Pro will be made available at no cost over the coming months, if supporting them on present telephones is feasible.

Landscape and tablet assist is quickly disabled - we're working on that!

View the supply on GitHub:

Privacy note: This app will ask for location permission if you want to view occasions on your current location, however will work with out it when you use the map and search options as a substitute. Permission to update your location while the app is not operating can also be required when you use the widgets auto location feature. Nothing you do is recorded by us or despatched to our servers.

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