Clear Outside

Clear Outside

By First Light Optics

Reliable climate forecasts for astronomers with an emphasis on cloud cover.

Features embrace:

• Seven day hourly forecasts, up to date hourly.

• Low, medium, high and whole cloud cowl.

• Moon rise/set times and section.

• Sun rise/set and transit.

• Civil/nautical/astronomical darkness.

• International Space Station (ISS) pass-over data.

• Location search automatically supplies a forecast in your location.

• Save favourite places for straightforward entry.

• Covers daytime too so also useful for photo voltaic observers/imagers.

Updated hourly. Frequent hourly updates are necessary because often the clear spell between showers offers excellent seeing and 30-minutes under a transparent sky with a grab--go telescopes is pure gold!

Did you discover the ISS pass-over information? The instances are precisely calculated in your location and displayed alongside the cloud forecasts so it has never been easier to observe. It is our favorite feature :-)

Also includes regular weather information (wind, rain, frost, temperature, dew level, etc) so excellent for these wanting an in depth climate forecast, without cutesy graphics.

We have had plenty of enjoyable constructing and testing Clear Outside and are eager to to develop it further so should you find it helpful or have ideas, please let us know.

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