GeoCaching Buddy

GeoCaching Buddy

By BtStSoft

GeoCaching BuddyGeoCaching BuddyGeoCaching Buddy

Want to attempt the light model first? Download Geocaching Buddy Trial! You will have the ability to test all functionality that will help you resolve whether or to not spend your precious cash :)

The final tool for the serious geocacher when fixing multi-caches, powered by Geocaching Live. This buddy app will keep in mind each clue discovered and can calculate any derived clue or new waypoint for you. Waypoints may be formulas or projections. These and the ultimate cache formula will be evaluated the second all clues are discovered and entered. The app can document you parking spot so you'll be able to return to your automotive after finding the cache.

SEE BEFORE YOU BUY: To get a greater concept of the performance, learn the Quick Start Guide at the assist website and download the free trial version.

Main features


- Manage a list of caches

- Add caches from,, .pl, .us, .nl, .ro or

- Prepare a multi-cache at residence on the device or using the net interface

- All pictures embedded in the local description are preloaded: paperless caching!

- Navigate to the parking location

- Enter solutions to questions posed at a waypoint

* convert textual content to value

* Stack counting

* Roman numerals

- Auto-calculate new waypoints using these answers

- Auto-calculate the cache location utilizing all solutions found

- In-app compass when navigating to the next waypoint or cache

- In-app Google Maps waypoint overview

- Show a waypoint on an exterior map app

- Vibration alert when within 25 m of a waypoint

- Document the waypoints with your camera

- Photo album for every particular person geocache ultrazoom photo viewer

- Make notes earlier than or whereas caching

- Post a log and optional picture on

- Find your way back to the parking

- Backup all data entered for this cache by e-mail

- Restore / transfer cache data from backup e-mail

- Write shield a cache in the list of caches

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