Chinese-Japanese Translation

Chinese-Japanese Translation

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Chinese-Japanese TranslationChinese-Japanese TranslationChinese-Japanese Translation

Chinese-Japanese translation is a translation software program that supports Chinese and Japanese. The software interface is beautiful and easy to make use of.

In daily life, this software can be used to speak with Japanese-speaking nations or Chinese.

The software program helps Japanese translation and Chinese translation, and the net translation speed is quick.

For pals who travel overseas, the software program has commonly used Japanese and generally used Chinese features, including everyday language.

Traffic language, accommodation terms, eating terms, purchasing phrases, travel terms, different phrases, and so forth. by

These on an everyday basis phrases, journey overseas could be accessible to Japanese or Chinese people, and the statements support

Chinese and Japanese voice playback, help for copying these everyday language. By learning these Japanese spoken and spoken Chinese,

You can enhance your Japanese and Chinese abilities.

The main function:

Chinese-Japanese translation: assist Chinese translation into Japanese and Japanese translation into Chinese

Dialogue mode: help Chinese and Japanese translation

Voice playback: help Chinese and Japanese voice playback

Voice enter: assist Chinese and Japanese voice enter (requires cell phone support TTS)

Share: Support textual content copying and sharing

Multiple themes: Support for 10 totally different color theme modes

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