Louvre Chatbot Guide

Louvre Chatbot Guide

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Louvre Chatbot GuideLouvre Chatbot GuideLouvre Chatbot GuideLouvre Chatbot GuideLouvre Chatbot Guide

Discover and rediscover artworks from The Louvre Museum via entertaining stories!

This free, unofficial chatbot guide will let you know stories all in regards to the museum's most interesting treasures.

Warning: these tales are significantly entertaining - it would be greatest to share them if you get again house.

Impress your friends and uncover all you ever wanted to know about:

- The Theft of the Mona Lisa

- The Venus de Milo

- Liberty Leading the People

- The Raft of the Medusa

- Louis XIV, the sun king

- The Lamassu guards

- ...

Note: currently this app only covers a select variety of artworks. More coming soon! If you desire a more complete protection of the museum, we recommend the wonderful Official Louvre audioguide available contained in the museum!

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