Standard Calculator (StdCalc)

Standard Calculator (StdCalc)

By roaming squirrel

Standard Calculator (StdCalc)Standard Calculator (StdCalc)Standard Calculator (StdCalc)Standard Calculator (StdCalc)Standard Calculator (StdCalc)

A easy, simple to make use of, calculator designed to be extra useful than the default installed mannequin - also features a tip calculator and a loan calculator, each of which can be accessed from the menu - options of the principle calculator embrace:

• decimal mode

• fractions mode

• operating total of every calculation shown as it is entered

• full textual content of the calculation is displayed as it is entered

• the output text may be set to scroll both horizontally (the default) or vertically

• full text of each calculation is stored within the history

• results of each calculation can be reclaimed from the history and reused in future calculations

• a range of shade schemes to go properly with different moods

Useful whilst shopping to watch a operating total of your purchases.

Use it to find out reductions, surcharges, gross sales tax and so on. via the proportion function.

A assist part, the place the primary features of the applying are explained, can be accessed via the menu.

This is an ad-supported app - improve to an ad-free version for USD 0.99 (or the equivalent in native currency) by way of

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