Phone Cleaner

Phone Cleaner

By Mini tool

Phone CleanerPhone CleanerPhone CleanerPhone CleanerPhone Cleaner

Keep your telephone in top form from now on!

This could be the best telephone cleaner you've got ever used. It can speed up the cellphone, save energy, and funky down easily.

Key Features:

Junk Clean:

Designed for low cupboard space, don't let junk fill your space for storing and slowly decelerate your gadget


Focus on optimizing the speed of your phone. Use reminiscence and fragmentation strategies to unravel stuttering issues.

CPU cooler:

It can successfully scale back the CPU temperature of mobile phones, then you are no longer sizzling in the game!

Power saving:

Precise course of optimization helps you hibernate useless processes and save battery power on your phone!

PhoneCleaner promises to give you the best merchandise and applied sciences to resolve your cleaning problems.