Units, Color, Age Time Zone Converter

Units, Color, Age Time Zone Converter

By Pavans Group Techsoft Pvt. Ltd.

Units, Color, Age Time Zone ConverterUnits, Color, Age Time Zone ConverterUnits, Color, Age Time Zone ConverterUnits, Color, Age Time Zone ConverterUnits, Color, Age Time Zone Converter

A to Z Converter is a one stop converter app developed for college kids and professionals to simplify their day by day conversion wants.


Managing individual converters for unit, time zone and shade code must be a clumsy process for anybody. What if there is a higher app available which provides all these converters in a single app? If this is something you’re excited about, look no additional and try out A to Z Converter! It offers a wide range of basic and scientific unit converters, around the globe time zone converter, digital or print media colour converter and age calculator. A to Z Converter is highly customizable and it offers you control to rearrange converters and units with simple drag-n-drop. You can also change accuracy stage of conversion result as per your needs.


A to Z Converter is a universal unit converter which could be very useful for science or engineering students or working professionals like engineers, chemists, physicists, scientists etc. Converters and models you can convert between are:

Length (Distance): Kilometre, Metre, Centimetre, Inch, Mile and 64 other units

Weight (Mass): Kilogram, Gram, Pound, Ton, Quintal and 31 different units

Area: Square metre, Square foot, Hectare, Acre, Bigha and 96 different units

Temperature: Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin, Rankine

Volume (Capacity): Litre, Kilolitre, teaspoon, cup, gallon and sixty three different items

Speed: Kilometre/hour, Metre/second, Miles/day, Foot/day, Knot and 34 different models

Number: Binary, Octal, Decimal, Duodecimal, Hex

Power: Watt, horsepower, Joule/second, Btu/hour, calorie/hour and 52 other items

Digital Storage: Bit, Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte and 15 other units

Force: newton, dyne, Joule/metre, Gram-force, Ton-force and 18 other units

and Fuel Consumption, Time, Electric Current, Density, Pressure, Angle, Energy, Acceleration, Angular Acceleration, Frequency, Torque, Light Luminance, Light Illumination converters.


Do you schedule on-line conferences with overseas shoppers regularly or journey abroad frequently? Time zone converter is a really useful tool which can help you to search out out the precise time difference between two nations or time zones.


Hex to RGB to CMYK conversion has always been a daily task for designers, builders and print media professionals. A to Z Converter contains intuitive colour converter which supplies you desired end result both by getting into color code or by choosing shade from colour picker.


Want to calculate your age or see how many days there are till your next birthday or want to consider how a lot time has been passed for an occasion so far, Age Calculator will provide you with precise answer in years, months and days.

Download the A to Z Converter app free of charge and simplify your conversation needs!

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