Toolbox PRO - Smart, Handy Measurement Tools

Toolbox PRO - Smart, Handy Measurement Tools

By SkyPaw Co., Ltd

Toolbox PRO - Smart, Handy Measurement ToolsToolbox PRO - Smart, Handy Measurement ToolsToolbox PRO - Smart, Handy Measurement ToolsToolbox PRO - Smart, Handy Measurement ToolsToolbox PRO - Smart, Handy Measurement Tools

Toolbox is a set of useful and elegant measuring instruments equipment. It turns your sensible device right into a swiss-army-knife that measure every thing you will ever want.

Currently, there are 14 metering instruments in the software box:


It offers you a pleasant and clear native atmospheric pressure, obtained from the barometric sensor in your device


This device takes advantage of the built in GPS to provide the precise elevation above the sea stage.


A pretty and well-made compass for navigation, traveling and path reference functions.


A professional sound meter, exactly measures the sound strain stage throughout you.


It takes advantage of the built-in magnetometer in your iPhone/iPod touch, allows you to monitor the strength of magnetic subject throughout. There are a range of real-life applications for this convenient item, similar to: steel detector, AC magnetic fields, or discovering low-magnetic locations for sleeping


It is the most exact and secure metronome on the app store. Whether you're a musician, a music teacher, a newbie at taking half in music or perhaps a golfer, this tool provides you a set of powerful options that can satisfy all your needs.


Whenever you need a precise and professional stopwatch for sport actions like: sprints, jogging, this software is a will need to have. Among its features are: intuitive interface, lap and split modes support, or send log outcomes to your email


There are unlimited functions of using timer in every day life, such as: egg timer, tea timer, cooking, alarm clock, and so on. The timer software satisfies all of these wants by many of its options: as a lot as 5 timers running concurrently, rely down and depend up help, intuitive and handy duration setup using preset and gestures


Taking advantage of the built-in accelerometer in your iPhone, this tool detects and visualizes any vibrations and strikes of the iPhone. So, why not utilizing this excellent function to help your iPhone self-protected like a automobile when mixed with an alarm? Or another great utility is to check how easy the automotive is on a take a look at drive


This is an instrument to examine if an object is completely vertical/plumb and has been used since the time of the traditional Egyptians. It suits any types of your wants, corresponding to: hanging objects, carpenter work, brick layer or constructing construction


This software facilitates the measurement of the slope of whatever surface you need to verify. Most importantly, its accuracy is ensured on the most stage by the assist to totally different sensitivities that let you detect refined slopes (floor leveling, furniture association,..)


It is a straightforward however extremely great tool in the set to verify if an object is balanced. Its functions range from entertained purposes similar to checking pool billiard tables in the bar to severe usages like constructions, carpenter, etc


The ruler helps you precisely know the lengths of objects throughout you, similar to pens, tables, photos. We constructed it to turn into even more than just a regular ruler: longest distance measuring functionality, and up to 6 models support


Have you ever forgotten your protractor at college or if you urgently search for a protractor to measure any sort of angles in actual life?

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