Randomizer - random generator

Randomizer - random generator

By Simon MAHÉ

Randomizer - random generatorRandomizer - random generatorRandomizer - random generatorRandomizer - random generatorRandomizer - random generator

Randomizer: Let place to chance!

In life there are often hazardous and troublesome conditions the place choices aren't all the time simple to take... Randomizer will assist you to within the choices that you wouldn't have the will or the courage to do generally.

★★ Easily generate ★★

• Drawing Lots: Create your individual lists, enter objects (player names, drinks, cars, phrases...) and generate it randomly!

• Random numbers for choose the winners numbers yout favorite lottery video games.

• Random letters: To generate a primary or final name characters, number and letters or any other word recreation.

• Coin flip: No need to clarify the oldest recreation of toss coin (heads or tails), typically nothing beats a little increase in destiny.

• Random colours: Do you assume Randomizer to find the brand new color for the paint in your living room. shade decisions randomly assured.

• Random dates: Need to discover a date in your trip, or just a meeting? Nothing is easier with the random generator date.

★★ Coming quickly ★★

• The random password generation, a method to discover a good password and complex with out being tortured mind.

• People generator (random identity) with firstname, identify, gender, photograph, birthdate et much more!

Randomizer has many choices, Try it!

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This software is in Beta model, it is still imperfect.

Do not hesitate to postpone a bug or make suggestions for improvements via the form.


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