Magnifier: magnifying glass

Magnifier: magnifying glass

By HanStorm

Magnifier: magnifying glassMagnifier: magnifying glassMagnifier: magnifying glass

Use your smartphone as a convenient magnifying glass.

This app makes your smartphone an excellent magnifying glass in conditions where you need a magnifying glass to learn the outline of medicine bottles, the label of the electronic part, restaurant menus, and so forth.

In addition, it supports high-contrast filters that show text more clearly, which is helpful for folks with low vision.


① Easy-to-use magnifying glass

- Seek bar for zoom control

- Pinch to zoom gesture

- Instant zoom out for locating a target

- 2x additional zoom in

② LED flashlight

- Lighting in darkish places

③ Exposure and display brightness controls

- Adjust the brightness of the magnifying glass image

④ Freezing screen

- To see the picture in detail

- Supports negative/mono/sepia picture filter

- Supports brightness and contrast controls

⑤ WYSIWYG saves

⑥ Special image filters

- Negative filter

- High contrast black and white filter

- High contrast unfavorable black and white filter

- High contrast blue and yellow filter

- High distinction unfavorable blue and yellow filter

- High contrast mono filter

- Low blue filter

⑦ Photo gallery with filters

- Supports negative/mono/sepia picture filter

- Supports brightness and contrast controls

- WYSIWYG saves

Thank you.

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