GC Wizard Gold

GC Wizard Gold

By S-Man42

GC Wizard GoldGC Wizard GoldGC Wizard GoldGC Wizard GoldGC Wizard Gold

This version is completely similar to the free version of the GC Wizard, it contains no extra options. This is to assist our development and assist us cover our costs.

The GC Wizard contains quite a few tools for simple cryptography, geographic and scientific calculations in addition to tons of of sets of assorted symbols.

Translated into ? ? ? ?



• Formula Solver: For handling multi stage variables

• Multi Decoder: Enter an unknown code and let several decoders and calculators interpret it in a row

• More than 200 units of Symbol Tables: Direct decoding symbols to characters; save own encoding as an image

• Online Manual: Every tool has its personal manual page, translated into ? ? ?

Cryptography Encodings

• Alphabet Values (A = 1, B = 2, ...): Configurable alphabets with language particular special character handling

• Braille graphical decoder: Type the factors right into a graphical interface; helps completely different languages

• Book Cipher: Choose the right system (e.g. Line Letter Number or Section Line Word Number, ...), handle particular characters and empty traces, ...

• Enigma: A full working Enigma simulator incl. quite a few possible settings

• Esoteric Languages: Generators and interpretors for several esoteric programming languages like Brainf**k, Ook, Malbolge and Chef

• Morse

• Numeral Words: Lists of necessary numbers in several languages. For English German there are parsers to identify even advanced numeral words

• Substitution and Vigenère Code Breakers: Try to search out the answer with out knowing the keys

• Classic Codes: Playfair, Polybios, Railfence, ...

• Historic codes: Caesar, Vigenènere, telegraph codes, ...

• Military codes: ADFGX, Cipher Wheel, Tapir, ...

• Technical encodings: BCD, CCITT, Hashes (incl. brute-force hash breaker), RSA, ...


• High precision coordinate algorithms which support even very long distances by all the time contemplating the earth's shape (ellipsoid)

• Support of various ellipsoids, even different planets

• Coordinate Formats: Support of UTM, MGRS, XYZ, SwissGrid, NAC, PlusCode, Geohash, ...

• Waypoint Projection: Includes exact reverse projection

• Open Map: Set own factors and lines, measure paths, export as and import from GPX/KML recordsdata; OpenStreetMap and satellite tv for pc view

• Variable Coordinate: Interpolate coordinate formulation if some components of coordinate usually are not given. Show result on map

• Cross bearing, Center level of two and three coordinates, completely different intersections of lines and circles, ...

Science and Technology

• Astronomy: Calculate place of sun and moon at a sure place and time

• Color Space Converter: Convert shade values between RGB, HSL, Hex, CMYK, ...

• Countries: ISO, calling and automobile registration codes, flags

• Date and Time features: Weekday, time differences, ...

• Irrational Numbers: π, φ and e: Show and search as much as 1 Mio. digits

• Number sequences: Factorial, Fibonacci and Co.

• Numeral Systems: Converts decimal to binary, hexadecimal, ...

• Periodic Table of the Elements: Interactive view; lists which order the weather by any criterion

• Phone Keys: Converts traditional phone keys to letters. Supports phone model specific behaviours

• Prime Numbers: Search prime numbers up to 1 Mio.

• Segment Display: Graphical interface for decoding and encoding 7 to 16 segment displays

• Unit Converter: Length, Volume, Pressure, Power and many more; convert between common models incl. prefixes like micro and kilo

• Apparent Temperature, Cross Sums, DTMF, Keyboard layouts, Projectiles, Resistor codes, ...

Images and Files

• Hex Viewer

• Exif/Metadata Viewer

• Analyse frames of Animated Images

• Color corrections: Adjust contrast, saturation, edge detection, ...

• Search for Hidden Data or hidden archives

• Read QR/Barcodes from photographs, create them from binary input

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