Aqua-Info - Your professional aquarium manager

Aqua-Info - Your professional aquarium manager

By Manuel Rodrigues

Aqua-Info - Your professional aquarium managerAqua-Info - Your professional aquarium managerAqua-Info - Your professional aquarium managerAqua-Info - Your professional aquarium managerAqua-Info - Your professional aquarium manager

Tropical Fish, freshwater, saltwater and brackish water, aquatic crops, invertebrates, tank setup, aquarium decorations, fish diseases and threatments. This aquarium managing app has all of it. Aqua-Info is your good aquarium assistent.

Aqua-Info is the proper aquarium assistent either for newbies or professionals aquarium enthusiast. The excellent app for accumulating all your information about your fish, crops and invertebrates, so that you simply observe the event in your aquarium.

All the detailed details about contemporary and saltwater fish, invertebrates and plants are available for offline reading. Once downloaded the app, all data needed is there for you, anytime and wherever.

App Features:

- Brilliant and simple person interface for you to easily navigate and be taught.

- Smart graphics and HD high quality images.

- The app work as your Aquarium assistent and can help you preserve your aquarium at the best by providing alerts and reminders.

- The history part will assist you to remember your aquarium upkeep historical past. You don't need to hold Aquarium Note for future reference.

- Search perform for fish or crops by widespread identify or scientific names.

In addition Aqua-Info provides lots of of info sheets about:

- Freshwater fish

- Saltwater fish

- Plants

- Freshwater invertebrates

- Saltwater invertebrates

- Corals

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