Scalar — Advanced Scientific Calculator

Scalar — Advanced Scientific Calculator

By Scalar Math

Scalar — Advanced Scientific CalculatorScalar — Advanced Scientific CalculatorScalar — Advanced Scientific CalculatorScalar — Advanced Scientific CalculatorScalar — Advanced Scientific Calculator

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Extremely Flexible Very Advanced Scientific Calculator with User Arguments Definition, User Functions Definition, Functions Graphs, Scripts Programming and a lot of other features.

Scalar is much more than a calculator. Scalar is a robust math engine and math scripting language, that combines the simplicity of ordinary calculators with the flexibility of scripting. Thanks to Scalar, defining arguments and features, in addition to using them in subsequent calculations, expressions and capabilities graphs, has by no means been easier. You will see it shortly after getting conversant in out there screens and choices.

Main features:

Standard Advanced Scientific Calculator

Extremely handy calculator keyboard

Re-usage of previous calculations, simply reference a constant that was created in your convenience

User outlined arguments, so easy as x = 2

User outlined functions, as easy as f(x) = x^2, f(x,y,…)=2*x y

User outlined random variables, so easy as rand X = rNor(0,1) 1

Beautiful perform graphs, set variables, range, expression, work together with the chart!

Scripts writing, personalize and automate you work!

Rich set of examples built-in within the app!

Work saving and results sharing

The definition of user elements has by no means been easier!

Using Scalar you can easily create consumer parts, under are examples of the pure mathematical syntax:

▶ scalar x = 2

▶ scalar y = 2 * x

▶ scalar y

➥ e1 = 4.0

▶ scalar x = 3

▶ scalar y

➥ e2 = 6.0

There isn't any need to save the results!

In Scalar, each result is assigned to an mechanically created fixed, see instance:

▶ scalar 2 3

➥ e1 = 5.0

▶ scalar 4 6

➥ e2 = 10.0

▶ scalar e1 e2

✪ ➥ e3 = 15.0

User functions give large prospects of personalization!

Defining consumer capabilities is simply as simple as writing a formula

▶ scalar f (x, y) = sqrt (x ^ 2 y ^ 2)

▶ scalar f (3,4)

➥ e1 = 5.0

‍ Scalar was created by a mathematician, due to this fact it has built-in summation and product operators!

Scalar also supports summation and product operators, for instance the number of prime numbers in the range of 2 to 1000

▶ scalar sum ( i, 2, ten thousand, ispr (i) )

➥ e1 = 1229.0

⚡️ This is simply a tiny part of obtainable options!

It is just a presentation of a small a half of the obtainable mathematical capabilities. All carried out math parts exceeds a number of hundred.

?‍ At Scalar, you'll be able to write scripts!

The capacity to put in writing scripts is a unique characteristic among scientific calculators.

We all know the way scripts considerably speed up work.

Scalar provides a pleasant script editor with syntax highlighting syntax hints.

Scripts may be saved and/or shared (pro version).

Start-up script can additionally be supported (pro version).

At Scalar you'll find a way to create beautiful perform graphs!

Visualization is necessary - no doubts!

Scalar provides the power to create highly personalised operate charts.

Functions graphs are totally interactive: values studying, scaling, zooming.

Function charts may be saved or shared (pro version).

Free model vs paid version:

You can take full advantage of the free model of Scalar, however some options will be unavailable. These are mainly the power to save lots of / open a script, save / open a chart, share calculations, share scripts and share charts. All these choices may be found within the pro model.

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Enjoy using Scalar Scientific Calculator!

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