iHandy Level Free

iHandy Level Free

By iHandy Ltd.

iHandy Level (one of the 5 tools in iHandy Carpenter toolkit) is now for free! Take this opportunity to download!

This is a wonderful and correct degree you will get in hand.

Unlike another levels in Android Market, this one is absolutely functional with calibration functionality. It's correct after calibrated.


iHandy Carpenter is on sale now, you are in a position to get all of the 5 instruments in one app at present at discounted price!

Check it out!




Because the sensor inside every particular person gadget could presumably be built barely in a special way, to make the extent more accurate on your device, you want to calibrate earlier than use.

To calibrate:

1. Find a flat floor.

2. Hold your system upright , put the bottom fringe of the gadget on the flat floor, then press Calibrate button (the one with a goal image on it) to calibrate the portrait mode.

3. Turn your device ninety diploma clockwise , once more maintain it upright, and put the current bottom edge (long edge) on the flat floor, then press Calibrate button to calibrate the panorama mode.

4. Put the again of the gadget against the floor, then press Calibration button to calibrate the face-up mode

5. You are ready to go!

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