CamToPlan 3D Scanner - Measure

CamToPlan 3D Scanner - Measure

By Tasmanic Editions

CamToPlan 3D Scanner - MeasureCamToPlan 3D Scanner - MeasureCamToPlan 3D Scanner - MeasureCamToPlan 3D Scanner - MeasureCamToPlan 3D Scanner - Measure

This app makes use of the latest augmented actuality know-how to create floorplans in actual time:

1. You simply scan your surroundings together with your system camera.

2. The 3D scanner only wants a couple of seconds to digitalize a room or a few minutes to modelize a large flat or a home.

3. Once the scanning carried out, you merely add measuring factors to measure any distance, length, floor or area.

4. You can export the plan with all measurements in pdf format, in order to share it in one click.

With this AR software, you now not want a tape measure or a laser meter to measure your personal home, flat, backyard, courtyard...

Please note:

- you probably can measure in metric (meters, centimeters, sq. meters...) or imperial units (yards, toes, square toes, inches...)

- all calculations are done securely in your system, no web connection is required

- the distances are measured horizontally

- the accuracy isn't guaranteed

How does this fast measuring app work?

Your phone, smartphone or tablet is was a modelization and digitalization tool. It depends on ARCore by Google and AI / ML algorithms. Machine learning combines the system sensors knowledge (accelerometer, gyroscope, LIDAR, depth ToF sensor…) with odometry which analyses in actual time the video of the camera and relies on visible particulars of pictures, in order to scan the surroundings and find the place and rotation angle of the system. The 2D photograph reconstruction is finished with a 3D virtual model built with photogrammetry.

CamToPlan is the VR modeling app that brings your measures from cam…to…plan !

This app has infinite functions for everybody:

- Personal use: the length measure app for the handyman who loves DIY !

- Real property professionals (real estate agent, interior design decorator or designer, architect, topographer...): this app will assist you to make a ground plan of a home, a particular room of an house...

- Construction staff can use it to shortly measure the floor : concreter, tile layer, carpet fitter, painter, drywall man, plasterer, builder, carpenter, electrician, plumber, slater...

- For gardener, landscaper, swimming pool builders and upkeep, digger, earth-moving, navvy: this app also works outside

- Cost estimation professionals: this length measure app can make pricing estimates, will most likely be an excellent assistant for quantity surveyor, price studies technician…

- Building industry: foreman, website supervisor or engineer can drop their tape measure and ruler to carry out a quick measurement check

Terms of use:

Privacy coverage:

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