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Android Bluetooth Oscilloscope.

It can be used on any cell system with Android, Windows or Linux PC (Mac is coming) system utilizing Bluetooth expertise. It implies that there aren't any any wire connections to your cellphone, pill or PC, which may guarantee the safety of your mobile system or PC, plus portability.

The oscilloscope is probably the most frequently used, most versatile system for electric measurements.

It visualizes an electric potential over time operate, producing far more info than other potential and present measurement methods.

With an oscilloscope the following quantities could be either immediately or indirectly measured:

direct voltage, alternating voltage, direct current, alternating current, time, time delay, part, section distinction, frequency to view live waveforms, make measurements.

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Demo mode available.

Displaying the audio waveform captured from a microphone.

Accelerometer waveform, x y z.

Measure: frequency, min/max, peak-peak

FFT for microphone enter.

Shows trigger degree information

Save screen captures from your instrument onto your mobile device

Save sign to file in csv format.

Protocol Decoders:


- I2C

- Guess bitrate


- 1-Wire link layer


Math channels

System can display up to 5 math channels.

• Main operations: , –, ×, /, sqrt, x^y, exp, ln, log, abs

• Trigonometric functions: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan

• Additional operands: PI, T (time)

Math instance: exp(-T*125)*sin(2*pi*1000*T)

Control the next functions

• start/stop/single acquisition

• change time/div

• change volts/div

• flip channels on/off

• select set off type/level

• display zooming

• full display screen mode

• font size

• signal retention level

• double click on triggers units them to zero level

Please e mail [email protected] to report bugs, ask questions or give us your feedback.

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