Dice Statistics

Dice Statistics

By Pekka Miettinen

Dice Statistics is a dice roller and calculator with a built-in statistical ouput for estimating the odds of scoring dice rolls.


- Roll any sum, multiplication, or power of cube, e.g.: 4d120 d6 * d6^0.5

- (H)igh rolls: 4d6H3 - roll four 6-sided dice, hold the 3 highest

- (L)ow rolls: 2d20L - roll two 20-sided dice, keep the lowest

- See cube roll distributions on your rolls and shortly estimate odds for scoring more/less/equal than a sure value.

Dice roll distributions can be helpful for any severe gamer, such as a dd rpg participant to estimate the likelihood of scoring hits or dealing specific amount of damage. (H)igh and (L)ow rolls may be easily used additionally for fifth version Advantage/Disadvantage rolls.

Dice syntax:

xdy : rolls a y-sided dice for x times and sums the results

xdyHz : similar as above, however take only z highest rolls

xdyLz : same as above, however take solely z lowest rolls

d0y : roll a cube which has additionally a zero aspect; i.e., roll results are 0,...,y

Privacy coverage: https://www.hapero.fi/d20/pp_dice_statistics.html

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