Daily Counter -Tally, Diary

Daily Counter -Tally, Diary

By Comostudio

Daily Counter -Tally, DiaryDaily Counter -Tally, DiaryDaily Counter -Tally, DiaryDaily Counter -Tally, DiaryDaily Counter -Tally, Diary

Drinking water, counting, train, weight(decimal), fishing(count fish), swimming, watering, behavior, drugs, hair store, feces, foreign language (English, Chinese characters, Japanese, and so on.) Numbers study, stretching, blinking, feeding, snacks, tablets , Game points, bad words, good suppose, good ideas, prayers, d day, food plan, calorie and so on.

Design the form of particular person counters (color / form / type / define / transparency etc) yourself, and set your objective values!

Each counter can be set independently, and the increment / decrement time report is saved.

Multi counter

- Create your own counter with numerous shapes and colours.

- You can create utterly totally different shapes and colors for every counter.

- Clone(copy) / Delete / Edit / Sort / Memo


- Increase / Decrease (Tap / Click / Sensor)

- Basic items (kg, g, m, ml, instances, and so forth.)

- Basic increment / decrement worth (integer / decimal point)

- Automatically reset to daily value

- Increase / Decrease with quantity key

- keep screen on

- Continuous (long click) improve / decrease

Tally counter



- Title, Increment value, Decrement value, Increment message, Decrement message

- Each counter can be spoken in a different language.

- Increase / Decrease talking interval (say every 5th, tenth, and so forth.)

- Speaking speed control

- Speech synthesis (interesting sound)


- You can see and hear like a diary every day.

- Briefs the counter list intimately.

- Read the name / present worth of every counter along with the gorgeous animation UI.

- Press the individual icon on the highest proper corner to briefly list the complete listing in each eyes and words.

Bell, vibration

- Assign different ring tones for every enhance / decrease

- Vibration


- When reaching the aim, the alarm popup shows and reads the message with the first bell, and the second bell rings.


- Generate / Increase / Decrease Time

- Auto reset time remaining


- Proximity sensor can be used to increase without touching the hand (from the element screen).

It is at present in beta (may be unstable), and new features will proceed to be added.

This app doesn't need any permissions.

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