OI Safe

OI Safe

By OpenIntents

OI Safe safely protects your whole passwords and other private knowledge utilizing trade standard AES encryption. It also acts as an extension to OI Notepad to encrypt notes created in OI Notepad.

This application is advert free and does not require the web permission.

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* Securely protect information utilizing AES encryption.

* Freely transfer data entries between categories.

* Import/Export information entries and databases.

* Backup/Restore entries.

* Includes secure password generator.

* Automatic timeout to protect encrypted documents.

* Encrypt OI Notepad notes.

* Support for Obscura image secure.

* MyBackup Pro.

Please learn the FAQ at https://steemit.com/created/oi-safe

International variations:

OI 금고, OI Kaha, OI Kasa, OI kluis, OI Safe, OI Sarvu, OI Seifs, OI Sejf, OI Sicurezza, OI Trezor, OI بىخەتەرلىك, OI Κιβώτιο, OI Bezopasnost, OI सुरक्षित, OI安全, OI 金庫, حماية OI, כספת OI

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