Get Tipsy Tip Calculator, Free

Get Tipsy Tip Calculator, Free


Get Tipsy Tip Calculator, FreeGet Tipsy Tip Calculator, FreeGet Tipsy Tip Calculator, Free

Have bother doing math in your head after a great meal and a full stomach? Struggling to determine how much every person is meant to pay when the invoice arrives? Put all of it to an end!

The Get Tipsy tip calculator app is just what you need! With simplicity in thoughts, it’s a modern and simple to make use of tipping calculator app that may quickly help you calculate tip quantities and totals with tip based on tip share or tip quantity.

At a glance, the Get Tipsy tip calculator app is designed with multiple coloured packing containers which are strategically positioned to offer you the tipping information you want in a quick, simple to read, and arranged style.

Orange bins and lines - helps to outline areas that want your input, so that you at all times know where you have to enter data.

Blue field - incorporates the tip quantity and whole with tip so you realize rapidly what amount to leave as tip and what the total with tip is. This is extremely useful if paying by bank card since most receipts ask for the tip amount and the entire with tip earlier than you sign.

Grey box - allows you to enter the number of people who will be splitting the total with tip evenly.

Pink field - reveals you the evenly break up amount for every person to pay.

Quick toggle buttons - allows you to rapidly swap between the common tipping percentages or allows you to enter a tip share or tip quantity.

The Get Tipsy tipping calculator also updates the calculated tip in real time as you change the values, so that you don’t must press any extra buttons to perform the calculation. The tip amounts at all times reflect the information that's presently entered.

Use the Quick Mode to rapidly and simply calculate the tip quantity and total with tip primarily based on the bill total. Quickly toggle by way of the commonest tip percentages (15%, 18%, and 20%) to see how a lot tip to depart. If that’s not sufficient, you presumably can even select to enter your individual tip quantity or tip share. The tool may even let you break up the whole bill with tip evenly amongst others.

Use the Advanced Mode to calculate tip based mostly on the pre-tax subtotal instead of the invoice whole. The superior mode works much like the fast mode but permits you to enter the pre-tax subtotal and the tax quantity or tax percentage separately that can help you calculate the tip primarily based on the pre-tax subtotal.

So what are you ready for! Get Tipsy and take the headache out of calculating your next tip!


1) Maximum monetary quantity that could be entered is restricted to 1,000,000.

2) App is appropriate with versions 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and higher.

3) App appearance could differ between gadgets.

4) This free version contains adverts, however they are placed so that they aren't in the way. If you'd wish to improve to an ad free experience, the ad free (paid version) is on the market at:

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