Counter Online: Click counter Tally counter

Counter Online: Click counter Tally counter

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Counter Online: Click counter Tally counterCounter Online: Click counter Tally counterCounter Online: Click counter Tally counterCounter Online: Click counter Tally counterCounter Online: Click counter Tally counter

Counter is an easy counting app for android. You can add multiple counters with customized names. Also set required values in each counter. For tasbih counting for mantra counting, this app is a very helpful tool to function by way of your smartphone.

How Counter Online: Click Counter Tally counter works?

➥ Install Counter Application

➥ Add new counter

➥ Give custom name, colour and category to counter

➥ Add customized categories

➥ Full display screen counting entry is also available

➥ Set required values for counter

➥ Increasing or decreasing the worth choice is also available

➥ Set minimal or most worth in your counter

➥ Add a number of fast counters easily

➥ Set custom particulars along with every counter

➥ Give customized title category to counters

➥ Overview your counters in Grid or List type

➥ You can hear sound along with your each count

➥ Do quantity formatting from settings

➥ Light mode / Dark mode available

Interesting Features:

➩ Full display counter mode is available

➩ You can put multi counters for a different purpose

➩ Set counterwise custom colors

➩ Enable unfavorable values as well

➩ Volume action with every clicks

➩ Set quantity as rely voice or click sound

➩ Check detailed statistics

➩ Set custom actions set counter widget

➩ Dark and Light theme modes

➩ Organize counters in groups

➩ Easy drag and kind available

➩ Set most and minimal value limits

➩ Check counting history

Why to have Counter Online: Click Counter Digital Tally counter in Your Smartphone:

➪ To rely everything easily

➪ Use app as Tasbih counter

➪ Easy digital tool for counting things online

➪ App works same as tally counter machine with superior features

➪ An simple clicker counter Application

➪ Easily start countdown for any games/sports you play

➪ Count in your wholesome routine habits

➪ The counter which makes your every counting easy

➪ Works as log counter internet counter effectively

Most efficient software for following purposes :

➜ Digital Tasbih counting / tasbeeh counter

➜ Mantra counting

➜ Sports activity counting

➜ Point counting, internet counting, log counting

➜ Click speed test

➜ Footfall counting

➜ Score counting

➜ People counter

➜ Pushups counting

Online counter is a multipurpose utility to depend things easily with clicks. Use this utility as an easy helpful software available in your smartphone for counting.

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