Ancient Battle

Ancient Battle

By Lion Studios

Ancient BattleAncient BattleAncient BattleAncient BattleAncient Battle

You are a king in this battle for survival. Other nation’s kings need the identical land however there can solely be one true victor! Do you have what it takes to lead the troops into battle and turn out to be victorious?

In this unique io battle simulation, you have to run round to gather troops. The extra items you amass the stronger you become. Once you are sufficiently big it is time to conquer the enemies! Knights and archers love a powerful chief so when you defeat an opponent their troops turn into yours. Your dimension and power have no limits. You will obtain flawless victory!

Every unit accommodates completely different attacks. Spells can turn the tides of battles. Battles will reward you with riches to upgrade your troops and spells. Collect as many as you'll be able to and you'll turn out to be unstoppable.

Each battle is a novel pvp battle experience. Survive and conquer. Do whatever it takes to master the sector on this lengthy standing Ancient Battle!

There can only be one winner. Will it be you?

Game Features:

1. Simple however addicting mechanics

Run around to assemble your army. Once you're big enough, conquer your opponents. It’s that easy.

2. Beautiful Graphics

From the troops, to the land, to the homes - it is a stunning pvp experience. Feel yourself get transported to this mystical land with its beauty.

3. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade

Do you love to collect things, or love feeling the satisfaction of watching your energy grow? The card accumulating gives Ancient Battle a singular take on the io battle system. There is no restrict to how sturdy you can turn out to be.

4. Leaderboards

See how you are doing in opposition to players across the world? Do you may have what it takes to achieve the top?

5. New content

Battlepasses and new content will hold things contemporary. Never go bored once you begin taking part in.

Visit if have any feedback, need assistance on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you wish to see within the game!

From the Studio that introduced you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc, and Love Balls!

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