Grow Zombie inc

Grow Zombie inc

By PixelStar Games

Grow Zombie incGrow Zombie incGrow Zombie incGrow Zombie incGrow Zombie inc

Pixelstar video games merge strategy sport ' Grow Zombies' has arrived!

Abandoned artificial Merge strategy recreation defense

Addictive synthesis and strategic battle

Please generate and grow zombies and conquer the world

Combining zombies and developing even stronger zombies

Strengthen varied weapons, tanks, spacecraft

Hunt for aliens and mutations!

Game Features

◈ Please synthesize zombies and develop high-grade zombies

◈ Awaken the zombies and study particular abilities

◈ Make zombie troops and begin hunting

◈ Please hunt varied bosses, aliens and mutations

◈ Research institute, develop historic ruins and improve the ability of zombies

◈ Various kinds of zombies (space zombies, mutant zombies, prize zombies etc)

Samsung Galaxy Crash Issue Android 12

- If a problem occurs, use the tactic beneath.

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