War: Battle Conquest

War: Battle Conquest

By Buldogo Games

War: Battle ConquestWar: Battle ConquestWar: Battle ConquestWar: Battle ConquestWar: Battle Conquest

War: Battle Conquest is a flip based mostly technique board recreation that could be a good mixture of classic struggle video games like Risk with special playing cards that give it a model new dimension of technique and techniques.

You will become a General, make plans, deploy troops, attack enemies, and utilize all strategies of warfare so as to conquer the world and win.

You've never seen a board sport like this one. War: Battle Conquest was created by followers of Risk, Risiko, Axis Allies and different basic board games. Battle players from around the globe in the online multiplayer mode to win trophies and stage up; Or play in opposition to incredible AI in apply mode to improve your war technique. Climb to the rank of four-star General and unlock superior weapons and talents like the Atomic Bomb and Blitzkrieg.

Prepare to alleviate the great battles of World War 2 (WW2) and lead your army to world domination. As a General, you'll have to formulate your strategy at every turn, plan reinforcements, lead attacks, deploy defenses and use special powers and playing cards to show the tide to victory.

Unlike Risk, you don't want to spend hours on a match. Matches can final only minutes as all gamers plan and execute their strategies at the similar time.

Special features of War: Battle Conquest embody:

✔ Online multiplayer in actual time in opposition to 1000's of world players

✔ Trophies and rewards with every victory

✔ Practice mode against an incredible artificial intelligence

✔ Complete missions and special challenges for rewards

✔ Battle free-for-all or 2v2

✔ Fight in multiple maps primarily based on historic battles of World War 2 (WW2)

✔ Axis and Allies factions as properly as fantasy ones

Do you've what it takes to create an invincible struggle technique and lead your men to global domination? Your army awaits your orders!

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