Hiri Manji

Hiri Manji


Hiri ManjiHiri ManjiHiri ManjiHiri ManjiHiri Manji

2020's most popular Counter-attack life type simulation RPGRi Li Wanji launched new Version! Being an official here, your life isn't only about planning and managing, getting married and having children! The brand-new version of Yui Hatano is coming, letting you beautiful beauties across the world!

★Dominate the world, sit on hundreds of miles★

Start living in poverty? miserable life? It would not matter! In minutes, he counterattacked as an official, handled circumstances, and avenged the people's grievances. Until the level of the sky, the highest of ten thousand folks, and the control of the world! Become the mighty king!

★Recruiting talents, gathering Liuhe generals★

A variety of purchasers, capable of both literary and martial arts , the properties are additionally very different! There are also their very own particular functions! How can you make them work better for you and enhance your performance? I imagine that it is possible for you to to strategize and strategize with your wit!

★Hundreds of red faces, have children and be happy★

Where is the beloved she? ? In the market, in the brothel, within the suburbs... As long as you have a fate together with her, you'll meet! Date her, assault her, let her fall beneath your official uniform, start a household with you, have children, and benefit from the pleasure of family!

★With cute pets, you will never be alone.

Maybe you wish to maintain a cute pet Cute little pet? Corgis, Huskies, Akita dogs... A variety of cute pets, there'll always be one which will be your warmth! In addition to accompanying you, it could also enhance attributes and produce you small presents every week! There could additionally be some unexpected gains!

★Conquer the world and top the list★

Need some excitement for a peaceable life? Is it exciting enough to destroy pirates, kill generals, struggle for hegemony at sea, and pirate treasures? Hurry up and join the battlefield! It's time to level out your strength! Taking the highest spot, I am the real king of kings!

★Official Information★

* FB fan web page handle: https://www.fb.com/beauty.3syua

* Official website address: https://www.3syua.com

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