Second World War: Western Front Strategy game

Second World War: Western Front Strategy game

By Strategy War Games

Second World War: Western Front Strategy gameSecond World War: Western Front Strategy gameSecond World War: Western Front Strategy gameSecond World War: Western Front Strategy gameSecond World War: Western Front Strategy game

It was 1944. Most of the European territory was occupied by the Germans troops. In the east, the Soviet Union fought alone in opposition to Wehrmacht troops.

In order to lastly turn the tide of the warfare on the side of the Allies the time has come to open a second entrance. It shall be a landing operation of an unprecedented scale.

You have to take command over the mixed forces of the Allies, plan and implement the operation, which can go down in historical past.

A key characteristic of World War II the Western Front, is that the participant can control every unit in the course of the battle. Like the popular strategies from the 90s and 2000s, the game is made in the real-time strategy genre.

The sport begins a few days earlier than D-day, with airborne and reconnaissance operations in Normandy. Then you will land on the beaches of Utah and Omaha, take part in the assault of the Merville Battery, the Battle of Brest, the Siegfried Line breakthrough, the Ardennes operation and the race to Berlin.

Game Feature:

- Single participant campaigns and more than a hundred missions based on actual historical events.

- Multiplayer mode, with the ability to struggle with different people

- Famous commanders: Patton, Montgomery, Eisenhower, which affect the conduct of units in battle.

- More than 300 unique models of all branches and forms of troops, including tanks - Sherman and Tiger, Thunderbolt plane and the flying fortress B-17 and many others.

- A unique pumping system from light armored autos to tremendous heavy tanks.

- Clan system, you can create your own clan and participate in tournaments.

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