Last Outlaws

Last Outlaws

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Last OutlawsLast OutlawsLast OutlawsLast OutlawsLast Outlaws

Welcome to Last Outlaws, a fun cell game that combines the popular genres of technique, role-playing, and management in a novel and entertaining means.

Manage your crew, kind a motorcycle club, and rule the city!

You are the president of an outlaw biker membership. Your house is the fictional Californian City of San Verde. The metropolis is home to many criminals, from the Russian Mafia to the Mexican cartel and nefarious property sharks. You have to get together with them, and your mission is to get your bike membership to energy. You will handle and expand your district, recruit and handle a crew of authentic biker characters, and equip them with quite a lot of firearms that are out there to you. When you’re accomplished, it is time for some strong strategy game action! Pick the best crew, face your enemy in battle and lead your club to victory!

Game Features:

-Manage a district that includes 20 buildings

-Assemble and handle a crew of 40 unique characters

-Collect powerful guns and items to wreak havoc upon your opponents

-Strategy gameplay featuring a variety of solo and group PVE and PVP content

-Design the appearance of your avatar and provide you with a cool look

-Form an MC (clan) and play together with your friends

-Climb up in the ranks and turn out to be a legendary biker

-Join a world group, make new friends and talk about bikes, guns, and tactics

Last Outlaws is a free-2-play sport with in-app-purchases to speed up your progress or to purchase cosmetic objects for role-playing purposes.

Thank you for enjoying Last Outlaws! This sport model options only a glimpse of what we have envisioned for our sport. We are all the time striving to enhance our game and recognize your suggestions. Your opinion helps us to make Last Outlaws a fair better expertise.

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