Strelok Pro

Strelok Pro

By Igor Borisov

Strelok ProStrelok ProStrelok ProStrelok ProStrelok Pro

Supports watches with Google Wear OS. You can ship reticle image, target record or trajectory table to your watch. You need Google Wear OS 2.2 and higher. You can learn how it works right here:

2390 reticles database! Full reticles listing you'll find a way to see right here:

3827 cartridges database

2285 bullets database 662 bullets with G7 ballistic coefficients

This smart ballistic calculator can use G1, G7 and... customized drag-functions! It can use Lapua radar data!

Can calculate trajectory without using ballistic coefficient!

Powder temperature contemplating.

Supports imperial and metric items.

Supports density altitude.

Can calculate spin drift, gyroscopic stability issue and vertical deflection of crosswind.

Can calculate Coriolis impact.

Supports Skywatch BL

Supports Kestrel weather meters by way of bluetooth, together with new 5x00 household

Support Kestrel DROP environmental information loggers

Supports Weatherflow WEATHERmeter

Trajectory validation (truing) by pace or ballistic coefficient.

Can measure incline angle with phone camera

Can get current weather from internet

You can retailer you information to Dropbox or Google drive for again up and sync between devices

You can choose goal kind from massive list of targets

Field-proven accuracy since 2007

Required permissions:

1. Access to GPS - for Coriolis impact calculation and internet weather

2. Access to Bluetooth - to communicate with cell climate station

3. Access to Camera - for measuring slope angle with camera

4. Access to internet - for Lapua drag-functions obtain and web weather

5. Access to storage - for write app settings and rifles. cartridges data.

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