Dry Fire Par Time Tracker

Dry Fire Par Time Tracker

By CSL1911A1

Dry Fire Par Time TrackerDry Fire Par Time TrackerDry Fire Par Time TrackerDry Fire Par Time TrackerDry Fire Par Time Tracker

Dry Fire Par Time Tracker is superior to different Par Timers in that it supports:

1. Repetition of each train without urgent the start button

2. Retains the history of your practice sessions

3. Computes statistics of your progression over time

4. Supports a database of workouts

5. Basic (Simple) format. Enter a Par Time, Delay and the variety of reps. Dry Fire Par Timer repeats the train.

6. Advanced format. The Advance Format lets you tune the Par Times and Delay Times to your specific exercise. You can perform the repetitions at a reducing par time, set an preliminary delay differently than the opposite delays and also randomize the delay occasions to restrict anticipation of the beep.

*** New in 1.97: Increase the number of reps and you decrease the par time. This will put more

focus on the faster par times.

7. Dry Fire supports grouping drills into sets. If your routine is to follow completely different drills each session, then you'll be able to group your drills and recall the set to perform.

The Free Version has all of the features of the paid version. The solely difference is that the free version shows advertising.


Displayed photographs are of my private database. These exercises and stats usually are not included. The utility comes with 5 installed sample workout routines.


Remember, at all times make sure your firearm is unloaded and the magazines are empty. Practice safe gun handling.

Dry Fire Par Time Tracker is the most complete dry fire coaching device available on the market.

Enjoy the app. Email in case you have points or want to see upgrades.

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