Judo Reference (Paid)

Judo Reference (Paid)

By RdyDev

Judo Reference (Paid)Judo Reference (Paid)Judo Reference (Paid)Judo Reference (Paid)Judo Reference (Paid)

Please note, this is presently the same as the free model. If you purchase this app, please think about it a donation to proceed additional improvement of Judo Reference.

If you want to try the applying earlier than donating, please set up the free model. This is a donation model to precise your assist for further improvement.

Judo reference allows you to:

- Browse and search techniques - ne-waza/tachi-waza/shime-waza/kansetsu-waza

- See frame-by-frame animations of techniques

- Star techniques for quick entry before training

- Test your self with a multiple choice test based on your grade

- Get instructed strategies just earlier than your training sessions

- Easily look up terminology

- Directly find movies on youtube

This app will assist keep you keep sharp on your technique names and terminology.

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