Sail Logger

Sail Logger

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Sail LoggerSail LoggerSail LoggerSail LoggerSail Logger

Logging crusing session. Provides CSV file which incorporates GPS position, speed, heading, course over ground.

Also logs heel and pitch, up to 10HZ. Device needs to be fixed on the boat.

Log can be utilized with Trusail Viewer App or Njord Analytics

Quick Guide:

Phone is logging the GPS information, heel, pitch and heading of the boat.

Screen is locked and code is 0000. It may be switched off, but i hold it so water spray does not accidentaly cease the logger.

For using it solely with GPS knowledge, it is enough to have the phone anyplace on board.

To get heel, pitch and heading, phone must lie on its back fastened in the boat.

It can lie sideways or back/forward. This can be modified with Rotate button. Words Bow/Stern and Starboard/Port present the means it ought to lie within the boat.

After fixing the phone, it is needed to zero heel and pitch. Phone can lie at an angle and be zeroed to still have good numbers.

Button Team is to change staff title. Team name might be proven in the Viewer app

Button Boat 1 is to alter boat quantity to have totally different colours in the app

Button Reset offsets places phone on its default heel and pitch

Button Zero Heel zeroes the heel. It makes a 3 seconds countdown so we are now not touching the telephone after which zeroes Heel.

Button Zero Pitch zeroes the pitch. It makes a 3 seconds countdown so we are not touching the telephone after which zeroes pitch.

Button 10/s is frequency of heel/pitch logging. Can be 10,5,2,1 instances per second

For sooner courses is nice to use higher values, for slower boats 1/s should be okay.

Button Log begins logging. To stop it you want to Unlock first.

After logging with button Share you can choose and ship the log to your email/whatsapp/telegram...

Easiest way to transfer is simply to attach the cellphone to hotspot you create together with your traditional cellphone. Phone spends small amount of battery when logging and may undergo a couple of sailing periods.

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