underground station

underground station

By GuRis

underground stationunderground stationunderground stationunderground stationunderground station

**Introduction of the game**

Stagnation simulation underground labor station!

Pay off your money owed and get out of the subway station. Get your freedom.

I hope you can escape.

I hope you survive...

@ Introduction to the game

Forget the apparent game of neglect!

Story-type Adventure The uncared for game Bihano Station is a story of moles trapped in an underground station escaping.

Let's find all types of hidden parts and discover secret gadgets, tools, and stories!

Everyone, strive escaping from the subway station.

--a notice --

--Welcome to the Underground Works--

I'll let you know the important pointers for slaves.

The person who downloaded this app signed a slave contract.

Now, I'll explain step-by-step the way to get out of the slave by step below.

@ How to play the sport.

1. Work exhausting to dig ore.

2. Pick up the stone that comes out of the ore and change it for money.

3. You can take your money and repay your debts or purchase scrumptious meals.

4. Maintain a lifetime of servitude by appropriately handling every kind of psychological and mental training.

@ How to operate it.

--Basic operation strategies taught by the labor-house officers --

It's very simple to operate!

All you want is a traditional finger!

If you don't have fingers... I just want toes!

move with one's fingers (or toes)

It told me the means to function abnormally.

@ Easy game

--about the psychological schooling taught by the labor-house officers --

There is a method to work less with fingers via mental education and mind training here.

It's a kind of reward when you see issues you don't wish to hear or see.

Use it properly to manage physical and psychological fatigue.

--about private information within the workhouse --

have no personal data stored

Also, use cloud storage to retailer knowledge.

be capable of store sport knowledge safely

Please be careful when leaving without permission (deleting the app).

--Official referral site --


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