My Animal Girlfriend

My Animal Girlfriend

By Genius Studio Japan Inc.

My Animal GirlfriendMy Animal GirlfriendMy Animal GirlfriendMy Animal GirlfriendMy Animal Girlfriend


Your first job out of faculty goes well, however you just don't appear to be having much luck finding love in your life. But in the future, you save a mysterious fortune teller from a bunch of delinquents. He tells your fortune to indicate his gratitude and he says that you'll soon meet three mysterious and delightful ladies...

Soon after, you really do meet these girls and hit it off well immediately! They invite you over to their house, but there you uncover the mysterious half that the fortune teller was speaking about. They're secretly part animal!

Your love life just took a stranger, but thrilling new turn!


Kat - The Courteous Cat

Kind-hearted and also a wonderful cook dinner, this cat acts as the chief of the three animal girls. She's all the time looking for the others, however being a cat, sometimes she just needs to snuggle with you in bed. When it comes to like though, she can be a bit of a tease...

Sabrina - The Wild Wolf

Sabrina's at all times stuffed with vitality and wants to be part of the motion. She's fairly a fighter as properly and immediately takes interest in you. But being a wolf, she could be quite territorial and you may positively need to be careful to not steal her food!

Rika - The Beautiful Bird

Rika could be a little timid, but she is very well mannered and harmless. She loves nature and enjoys gardening in addition to speaking with birds utilizing her powers. Will you be capable of look out for this shy girl?

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