Knight Eternal: Pixel RPG

Knight Eternal: Pixel RPG

By Joshua Keith

Knight Eternal: Pixel RPGKnight Eternal: Pixel RPGKnight Eternal: Pixel RPGKnight Eternal: Pixel RPGKnight Eternal: Pixel RPG

Knight Eternal is a 90s gameboy-style RPG that tells the story of Dylan and his journey across the world with the angel Astraea, the younger princess Primrose, and her retainer Goliath.


-Pixel graphics and retro 8bit music SFX reminiscent of 90s handheld consoles

-Classic turn-based jRPG gameplay:

-A skill tree system used to customize each hero to the player's liking

-A crafting system where gems and monster essence are used to create relics

-Gain spells and strategies via gear and spell orbs discovered across the world

-Rare Z-creatures hidden around the world that drop powerful equipment

-Three issue modes for informal and skilled players

-Offline sport play with no ads or in-app purchases


The world of Ambrose is not any stranger to calamity. After the rule of a tyrannical dragon, the machinations of a mad wizard, and an excellent flood that submerged complete continents, the citizens of Ambrose are lengthy overdue for peace.

A decade has passed since the great flood. Dylan and his father Uno are despatched on a mission to investigate Zamaste, a kingdom that was banished to the depths of the ocean centuries in the past. During their trip throughout the ocean, a mysterious girl falls from the sky and crash-lands on Dylan's ship.

With no memories or data of her purpose in any way, the young girl is just as confused as Dylan is. Dylan provides the angel a reputation, Astraea, and agrees to help her recover her reminiscences.

After Dylan and Astraea are sent to rescue Primrose, the princess of Zamaste, the queen has an uncommon request. Dylan must convey his new companions, Primrose and her retainer Goliath, to see the world whereas also working to find Astraea's true id.

Knight Eternal is a stand-alone recreation and a part of the Knights of Ambrose Saga, which incorporates Knight Bewitched, The Black Dungeon, and Knight of Heaven: Finding Light. A miniguide is available on the game's webpage at


Modern mid-to-high-end devices with over 2GB RAM and CPU over 1.8GHz are recommended. Low-end, older and low cost units will expertise poor efficiency and be unable to play.

Knight Eternal is on the market in English.

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