B10 Memories Never Last

B10 Memories Never Last

By ohNussy

B10 Memories Never LastB10 Memories Never Last

High addictive RPG B100... The latest series!


B10 Memories Never Lasts is completely free dungeon RPG.

# Feature

* Realtime Battle, you want to modify enemy look pace solely. Easy to play but critical problem.

* You can create your character as you want. Choose Memory as passive abilities.

* You can mixture your items as you like. Sword and Ring? Yes, you can!

* Rare items have Unique Effect. You cannot inherit it by combination, so choose your base items.

* You can enchant items, extract effects, remove them, and extra craft menu exists.

* 3 Difficutlies. Casual, Serious, Hardcore!

# How to play

- Depart to the dungeon. Battle progresses automatically. You can modify enemy look velocity.

- Challenge will finish whenever you attain target ground, clear the dungeon, escape or die.

- Empower your character by equipments and recollections.

- Retry the dungeon.

- Reach to B10.

# Official Site

You can play in Web Edition!


Twitter https://twitter.com/ohNussy

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