The Fallen Souls: Origins

The Fallen Souls: Origins


The Fallen Souls: OriginsThe Fallen Souls: OriginsThe Fallen Souls: OriginsThe Fallen Souls: OriginsThe Fallen Souls: Origins

A mighty kingdom dominated by three mighty races battles an amazing darkness. Heroes, you are needed! Join the warfare and present us your actual powers and produce peace again to the world!

FallenSouls is an exhilarating and immersive MMORPG loaded with intense gameplay!

Travel the dominion as a noble human, a bloodthirsty orc, or one of the mighty undead.

Do you need to protect your alliance as a fierce warrior?

Or do you wish to defend your alliance as a ranger decimate the league of enemies?

Do you need to use the mysterious powers of a magician to control the battle?

Rise to the highest of the PvP area and try to take the first place by which you've the strongest heroes defeat that your server offer!

Take over epic dungeons along with your friends, defeat powerful bosses and get unimaginable rewards and treasures.

Come and join the league of players who try their best slaughtering monsters that introduced our world to the brink of collapse, the world boss, Leviathan!

Offer your stunning power to a pleasant guild and develop ever stronger along with your new alliance. Relax in Tavern, confront exclusive guild bosses, and recruit guildmates to help in defeating powerful enemies!

Equip tanks and legendary weapons. Modify, upgrade, refine, and even bless your gear to go nicely with your distinctive style of gaming!

Recruit highly effective mercenary monsters to assist struggle the rising evil!

Renovate and upgrade your personal citadel and construct a military to defend it!

Obliterate the enemies and plan strategies together along with your alliance with fast-paced and turn-based combat .

It is a world of power, darkness, revenge and exquisite treasures.

How will you play?

Falling Souls fan web page: https://

If you've any problem concerning the game or high up diamonds, please contact our customer service. Our e mail handle is : [email protected]

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