Swordsman World 2 - International Edition

Swordsman World 2 - International Edition

By Seasun Game Corporation limited

Swordsman World 2 - International EditionSwordsman World 2 - International EditionSwordsman World 2 - International EditionSwordsman World 2 - International EditionSwordsman World 2 - International Edition

Gift to the 20th anniversary of Swordsman Love, The World of Swordsman 2 is a boutique martial arts MMORPG cell recreation created by the gold medal group of the Swordsman sequence of Xishanju. Freely match 21 kinds of skills, double roulette operation battle, and create your own operation style. All colleges have Zhengtai and Lolita physique types, in addition to hundreds of appearances and dyeings, permitting you to form your personality. Carefully designed 15-player team dungeons, 100-player royal tomb family battles and other rich household gameplay. With mild work, you can fly with a statue, fly over the eaves, and float on the water, and you can also go fishing with friends. Don't neglect the original intention, the World of Swordsman 2 cell recreation presents you a magnificent and beautiful world of martial arts at the fingertips.

Romantic rivers and lakes, house together

The new functional residence system is online, come and create your romantic rivers and lakes. Everyone has a room, an unbiased courtyard, an exclusive housekeeper, and the heroes construct collectively. The younger hero should buy a home in the sport after obtaining the land deed, construct his own world, and invite three or two associates to play in his spare time, to not have a enjoyable experience!

Flying life and cutting trade, do not ask about love and hatred

The seventh sect life and death sentence is a maverick, uninhibited by the mundane guidelines, and the adjudicator of the world. Don't ask about love and hatred, solely minimize down evil karma, use one's own energy to clean up the injustices on the earth, and make a transparent voice for those who have been harmed by others.

【The Heroes of the World, Destined for Three Lives】

The fireworks on the planet are the identical because the king, and the three lives are certain to be one dream. Young heroes can turn out to be heroes with their favorite TAs, from tokens to determine on auspicious days, and finally complete the Rite of Heroes, as nicely as the unique new look of heroes at no cost, exhibiting their fullness to the entire server happiness.

Beacon-fired Youzhou, Ten Thousand City Battle

Cross-server vehicles siege the town and stage a bloody battle. The new cross-server city battle gameplay is on-line, with actual people commanding, charging autos, attacking cities, and competing for the throne. Integrate the facility of the entire server, swept the oncoming enemy, unite the vertical and horizontal, and the winner is the king.

【Four Duan Qinggong, Royal Eagle Flying】

No Qinggong, no martial arts. The real realization of Qinggong flying over the partitions and water, and the four-stage Qinggong flying in the air. The progressive design of the Royal Sculpture flies, and the sculpture may be changed in the air, giving a seamless overview of the gorgeous scenery of the rivers and lakes.

Multiplayer Mounts, Variety of Appearances

Ride with associates on multiplayer mounts, watch the wind and the moon, and travel the swordsman rivers and mountains! You can select from 4 physique types, with hundreds of attractive appearances, and you can also dye them in your favorite colour to make you distinctive.

Choose expertise, create your own genre

Operate the dual roulette with each arms to fight, choose 4 abilities from 21 abilities to play. During the battle, it is essential to predict, transfer and function, and test the tactical cooperation between teammates. The battle state of affairs is unpredictable, and it could be reversed at any time.

【Pet Companion, Meng Jianghu】

A cute pet companion, geared up with a wide range of abilities and attributes, can help the young hero in battle. Follow Shaoxia intently always, domesticate intimacy with companions, and unlock attention-grabbing gameplays similar to adventure, leisure, and gift giving.

Love the family, struggle the world together

Family brothers push down the dungeon boss side by aspect, gather for a family feast, and share gold coins for dividends every day. 250 large-scale battles - cross-server imperial tomb family battles, 100-person camp confrontation, and preserve family glory. Apprentices and apprentices, love and companionship, the rivers and lakes are extra free.

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