RPG Celestial Hearts

RPG Celestial Hearts

By Joshua Keith

RPG Celestial HeartsRPG Celestial HeartsRPG Celestial HeartsRPG Celestial HeartsRPG Celestial Hearts

Celestial Hearts is a jRPG that includes the love story of a heartbroken younger elf and an angel in search of her life's function.


-Active Time Battle (ATB) side-view fight with a celebration of five heroes

-Hundreds of items, weapons and armors to purchase and discover

-An encyclopedia to track all of the treasures you've found and enemies you've fought

-Three difficulties, including Story mode for casual players and Hard for jRPG veterans

-2D fantasy dungeon pixel graphics with stunning in-game scene illustrations

-Offline play with no ads or in-app purchases


Deep throughout the continent of Belume lies Livia, a small village of nymphs and fairies. Kayah, a younger elf and guardian of Livia, is slowly recovering from the loss of her partner. One fateful night, the village is raided by the Graveharts, an ultra-rich and powerful family that all but owns Belume.

Kayah, her good friend Sylvie, and the nymphs get up in an underground prison. During their escape, they discover a winged woman chained up and passed out. After escaping and nursing the angel again to health, they learn that her title is Helen--and little else besides that she is conscious of a objective she can't keep in mind.

Kayah, feeling drawn to Helen, vows to maintain her secure as they flee from the Graveharts. But the two, alongside their pals Sylvie, Gail and Matthias, know that they can't run endlessly...

What is Helen's function, and how is it linked to the Gravehart family? And extra importantly, what is that this indescribable feeling between Helen and the elf who has sworn to guard her?


Modern mid-to-high-end units with over 3GB RAM and CPUs over 1.8GHz are really helpful. Low-end, older and low-cost gadgets will expertise poor performance.

Celestial Hearts is just out there in English. For assist, bug stories and ideas, be at liberty to e mail me at [email protected]

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