Infinity Heroes VIP : Idle RPG

Infinity Heroes VIP : Idle RPG

By MagicFind

Infinity Heroes VIP : Idle RPGInfinity Heroes VIP : Idle RPGInfinity Heroes VIP : Idle RPGInfinity Heroes VIP : Idle RPG

Paid version benefit

- Day dungeon reward 20% Permanent Increase

- Bag increased by 10 spaces

- PVP and dungeon ads removed

* Reward video advertisements are included.

* You can load your free model knowledge with a Google login.

Special Event Update





▣ Game Feature ▣

▶ Perfect Idle play ◀

- Automatically breakthrough the stages and acquire objects without online!

▶ Journey with Heroes ◀

- The Berserker, gorgeous a quantity of enemies with only one slam

- The Knight, using powerful strike with his sword

- The Crusader, protecting allies with sacred protect

- The Thief, slicing enemies’ throat in a blink

- The Hunter, shooting a number of arrows to enemies’ head

- The Wizard, calling powerful flame and lightning

- The Shaman, resurrecting allies with her great power

- The Healer, blessing and healing along with her holy power

- The Seeker, tracking her enemies with wind

- The Bard, protect all allies from harmful impact with song

▶ Endless path of growth ◀

- Collect more than 200 equipments with totally different options

- Find your individual method and make your heroes to the best!

- Enhance the distinctive artifacts and make a strong celebration

▶ Various contents ◀

- Explore hidden dungeon and get powerful artifacts

- Challenge sky tower and world boss to show your power

- Compete with users in PVP competitors and be the champion

▶ Co-op play ◀

Make a kingdom together with your friends

Invade different kingdoms with your friends

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