Fairy Knights

Fairy Knights

By WID Studio

Fairy KnightsFairy KnightsFairy KnightsFairy KnightsFairy Knights

An Fantasy Puzzle-RPG that focuses on the story of the little heroes .

Feel the bliss at the finish of the journey.

Vadelle, a royal palace that doesn't receive rain.

Cursed monsters rise from their spells as soon as again.

Kai heads on his journey to hitch the rite that may seal the monsters.

However, Kai encounters the secrets and techniques of the royal palace.

What would Kai and his friends meet at the finish of this journey?

‘Fairy Knights’ is like a basic RPG sport that one can be heartwarmed by the tales and may benefit from the development of the characters.

◈A storytelling round one royal kingdom’s secret and its destiny.

◈Unique characters and the stories they create.

◈A story line with a heartwarming and humorous humor.

◈Not just mere battling however a strategic sport by way of puzzles.

◈Various weapons and varying expertise, with quite a few splendid magical results.


◈There’s no further in-game purchases or ads.

◈This sport may be played without internet Wi-Fi.


*there’s no further payment or commercial when the game is as soon as bought.

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