Yet Another Pixel Dungeon

Yet Another Pixel Dungeon

By ConsideredHamster

Yet Another Pixel DungeonYet Another Pixel DungeonYet Another Pixel DungeonYet Another Pixel DungeonYet Another Pixel Dungeon

Yet Another Pixel Dungeon (or YetAnotherPD for short) is a roguelike RPG with pixel graphics and simple controls. Like most other video games in this genre, it options randomly generated ranges, relatively excessive issue and numerous issues to learn. And like most other video games of its style, it is fairly challenging.

This recreation is predicated on the supply code of another Android game, Pixel Dungeon. It started as a small venture with the objective to enhance the unique game right here or there, however has since gradually grown into one thing much, much greater. The games are fairly different from one another, so there is no have to play the unique recreation before making an attempt this one (but I would advocate to strive it as nicely, it is good).

The main feature of YetAnotherPD which makes it different from authentic sport and other mods is that it is principally focused on tweaking game mechanics to find a way to make the sport extra interesting, diverse and balanced. Anyone who's acquainted with the unique recreation will have a lot to study again in YAPD.

The features of this mod at this level:

- Four character classes had been reworked and now have completely different strengths and weaknesses

- Four problem variants, to provide enough challenge for each type of a player

- A variety of tools choices - dual wielding, firearms, shields, and more!

- Most enchantments on the weapons and armor now are more highly effective than before

- Environment now affects stealth and evasion, encouraging a more tactical approach

- All bosses have been fully or partially reworked and are actually even more epic!

- New gadgets, enemies, traps, and interactions added between them!

- Loading ideas and more detailed information about gadgets and character stats

- Improved person interface - auto-aiming, prolonged journal and other stuff

- Both new and modified potions, scrolls, wands, rings and other gadgets...

- Healing, stealth, wand utilization and item sturdiness techniques had been reworked!

- Many old enemies gained new abilities or have been moved to other components of the dungeon

- Each chapter now accommodates six floors (a whole of 31 ground dungeon as an alternative of 26)

- Shops at the moment are on every fifth level, and their assortment has turn out to be more varied

- Even more features are coming later since this challenge remains to be in development!


YetAnotherPD is totally, totally and fully free. There are not any ads, microtransactions or restricted entry, and will never be. Even the “donate” button was only added a lot later after the main release.

Of essential notes: first, this mod retains degradation system from original recreation, nevertheless it was reworked to be much more honest and adequate. It also limits merchandise upgrades to a maximum of 3, however do not worry as everything was rebalanced accordingly. These features are inherent to the sport system now and they will not be removed.

As a second necessary observe, thoughts that subclasses, distinctive class armors, Lloyd's Beacon and Dew Vial were removed from the game. Some of this stuff had been reworked into something totally different (Dew Vial, unique class armors), whereas other are gonna be brought again later (subclasses, Lloyd's Beacon).

This venture is the product of open source software program beneath GPLv3 License. You can discover the supply code for the present version here:

There are a lot of adjustments in this mod, so it's extremely beneficial to check its Pixel Dungeon wikia article to avoid preliminary confusion:

Finally, I need to say that I am open to suggestions and bug reviews and at all times pleased to hear your opinion about my challenge, whatever it is. My reddit account is right here:

A special because of everybody who supported this little project a technique or one other ;)

I wish good luck to all fellow rat punchers and demon slayers out there!

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