Phone Evolution

Phone Evolution

By Ela Game Studio

Phone EvolutionPhone EvolutionPhone EvolutionPhone EvolutionPhone Evolution

Are you a time traveler? Do you remember what your first cellphone was? What is your cellphone now? Did you see all the evolutions of mobile phones?

Over the years there have been many upgrades to telephones. Phones have always been altering as the expertise developed.

There are :

• Years

• Weeks

• Days

Positive and adverse gates. If you want to upgrade your cellphone you want to cross by way of optimistic Gates and increment the precise yr of your phone.

By the way don't forget to take plenty of phone circumstances and accessories on the greatest way.

There have been many features of telephones. Do you remember them all?

• Calling

• Sending SMS

• Playing games

• Sending emojis

• Saving photos

• Listening to music

• Sending emails

• Message sending by way of apps

• Lifestyle sharing

• Screen lock by swiping

• Sending our ideas in shorts

• Sharing videos

• Streaming

Get ready for a time-trip! Are you able to see the oldies? See the evolution of cell phones! Have you ever questioned the first ever cell phone invented? Do you remember the evolution of the telephones over the years? If it's a yes to you then you must see this assortment of telephones.

Best evolution game you have ever seen! Fun to play!You will relax whereas enjoying. You will eliminate all your stress. This game is for you! Simple however addicting gameplay and the visible feedbacks will make you satisfied. Fun gameplay will bind you! Show them who is the most effective time traveler.

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