Eternal Guardian-God of War Returns

Eternal Guardian-God of War Returns

By Spark Game

Eternal Guardian-God of War ReturnsEternal Guardian-God of War ReturnsEternal Guardian-God of War ReturnsEternal Guardian-God of War ReturnsEternal Guardian-God of War Returns

Game Introduction

Japan and South Korea civilian-level magical MMO, the everlasting guardian of 800,000 warriors, just waiting for the return of the God of War!

New professional appearance, more choices for creating roles

The new professional look Pure Elf debuts, intertwined with ice and fireplace, possessed by the god of war, and unparalleled in hunting!

Traveling on Shenlong Island, enjoyable to catch pets

Fun journey on Shenlong Island, bloody world Boss, catch cute pets within the wild, and win exclusive locomotives from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

New zone, full of benefits

Comrades-in-arms gather, the battle begins from the center, the presents are accompanied, the benefits are 2 hundred, the purple envelopes are raining, and extra There are unique locomotives and fantastic cute pets to help the God of War overcome all obstacles.

The Demon Dragon Comes to the World, Bravely Enters the Dragon Pool

The particular new copy Dragon Pool is coming, defeat the guards, break the dragon eggs, seize the dragon keys, and discover the treasures of the world.

Dragon-shaped cute baby, cultivated with one hand

There can also be heat outdoors the battle. Starting from a dragon egg, cultivate your personal exclusive blue dragon child.

3D vertical display screen, release your hands

Break via the epic fusion of vertical display and picture throughout the ages! One-finger expertise the palace-level image high quality, varied maps such because the ruined temple and the deep sea are waiting so that you just can explore, and there are extra epic bosses such as dragons and Balrogs waiting for you to conquer!

Romantic love, beauties rely upon each other

The love and social match is optionally available, and the romantic journey from acquaintance to marriage is truly reproduced, and there are pretty babies waiting so that you simply can increase together!

Double world development, help from battle spirits

Lead the military to expedition to unique worlds, 5 battle spirits, Ghost Demon, Guangyao, Eagle Guide, Thor and Elf King will help you to repair each ends together world!

Blood nation battle, cross-server king

Ten thousand people on the identical display, passionate blood battle, sword and magic collision, who can come out on top and be crowned king ?

Blow monsters and beat the king, earn cash in actual time

Smooth monsters, smooth and cool preventing king, all equipment and trend are misplaced, free trade, and you may earn sky-high at any time!

Characteristic transformation, peak profession transfer

Real-time transformation, full-screen ultimate kill, a number of career transfers, and comprehend the height meaning!

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The official fan group of Eternal Guard, join the fan group instantly to get the most recent news, as nicely as be the first to get practical props, occasion presents for indefinite periods !

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