Hamster Town - (Nonograms)

Hamster Town - (Nonograms)

By hehcompany

Hamster Town - (Nonograms)Hamster Town - (Nonograms)Hamster Town - (Nonograms)Hamster Town - (Nonograms)Hamster Town - (Nonograms)

In a valley far far-off there’s a small city where a hamster referred to as Tori succeeded his grandfather and became the new lord.

While Tori was checking out his inheritance, he realized that his town had massive debts.

If he doesn't handle to repay all the debt, his precious Sunflower Town will fall into the palms of notorious merchants!

Play the game to help Tori pay the debt and shield his town.

--- A hamster seems at level 100 items. ---

You can logically see a beautiful picture painted in the colour of the sq. to go to see the numbers trace that through this puzzle.

*** particular feature

- easy person interface

- Small map Large map available (both free)

- Hinting offer

- map save

- Incorrect checking options available

- X presents a whole line of display options

- Undo / Redo operate provided

- Large puzzles could be solved easier via a drag button

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