4x4 Mini Chess Puzzle Games

4x4 Mini Chess Puzzle Games


4x4 Mini Chess Puzzle Games4x4 Mini Chess Puzzle Games4x4 Mini Chess Puzzle Games4x4 Mini Chess Puzzle Games4x4 Mini Chess Puzzle Games

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This is a solitaire variation sport of Chess. You are introduced with a 4x4 Chess board populated from a pool consisting of 9 pieces: 2 Rooks, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights, 1 Pawn, 1 Queen, and 1 King. You may populate the board with 2-8 items.

Using the movement rules of standard Chess, your goal is to clear the board of all however 1 piece with the very best potential rating. Each board presents a novel puzzle. Boards usually are not just randomly generated or preset, however go through a fancy algorithm to generate a solvable scenario.

Tap on a bit to carry it from the board (it will glow blue), then faucet on the piece you wish to capture. If you make a mistake and wish to select a special piece, faucet on the piece you initially selected and it'll release (it is not going to glow blue).

Alternatively, although you cannot drag or fling the items, you probably can sort of slide your finger from the attacking piece over to the seize piece and carry with out highlighting either piece.

Here are the rules:

1) Each transfer must end in a capture.

2) There is not any Check rule for the King.

3) To win the board, capture all but the final attacking piece.

Points are awarded depending on which piece you use to seize, and are assigned as follows:

Queen = 1 point

Rook = 2 points

King = 3 points

Bishop = 4 points

Knight = 5 points

Pawn = 6 points

For example, if you capture one other piece with the Knight you're awarded 5 factors. Remember that the

Boards will normally have a couple of answer. However, your goal is to attempt to remedy the board with essentially the most factors for that state of affairs.

If you get stuck on a board, you may request one other configuration by selecting Population and selecting your required board. You may modify the quantity and backflash either On or Off. You may also select black or white items.

One strategy to these Chess brain game puzzles is to initially solve the board any means you can with out regard to score. This provides you with a objective upon which to enhance. After subsequent retries you will oftentimes discover different options which lead to greater scores, even if solely by 1 or 2 factors but generally as much as 8 or 10 points. You might retry a board as many occasions as you wish.

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