Awaker - Keep Screen On\Awake

Awaker - Keep Screen On\Awake

By ImNot.Me

Awaker - Keep Screen On\AwakeAwaker - Keep Screen On\AwakeAwaker - Keep Screen On\AwakeAwaker - Keep Screen On\AwakeAwaker - Keep Screen On\Awake

Awaker - The #1 Most Advance Screen Manager!


* Previously referred to as ScreenOn

Did you ever end up constantly taping the display screen simply to keep your system awake whilst you learn something? enjoying chords from the internet? trying to cook via an internet recipe? or another similar occasion.

Or sometimes you experience un-intentional faucets whereas your gadget is in your pocket?

Now there could be a straightforward answer... USE SCREEN ON:)


️ Keep your system awake if you flip the tile or widget on

⏲️ Keep the device awake for pre-defined durations

Home widget - Change states from your home screen

Quick settings Tile - Easy entry from the notification bar

Face Recognition - Keep the system awake so lengthy as you look at the display screen (Pro)

Pocket Protection - Put to sleep when in your bag or pocket and awake whenever you take it out using the proximity and lightweight sensors (Pro)

⚙️ Automatically keep the gadget on whenever you use specific apps. (Pro)

Automatically maintain the system on if you use specific Bluetooth gadgets (Pro)

Flip controls - Flip The Phone To Sleep/Awake (Pro)

⇅ Tilt - Stay Awake when at a sure angle (Pro)

Keep Alive when connecting to a USB device (Pro)

Hope you benefit from the app! Wakey Wakey ;)

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