Hourly chime PRO (deprecated - move to v2 version)

Hourly chime PRO (deprecated - move to v2 version)

By Caynax

Hourly chime PRO (deprecated - move to v2 version)Hourly chime PRO (deprecated - move to v2 version)Hourly chime PRO (deprecated - move to v2 version)

Migration notice.

These days all of us get extra powerful smartphones whereas battery capacity does not change. So some gadget manufacturers add their very own battery optimizations that absolutely ignore Android system battery settings. On some devices even when consumer turned off all gadget producer battery optimizations (which he is not even aware of so he blames developer for not working app) this app labored with delay or didn't work at all.

Some time ago we discovered that some gadget producers use not too good battery optimization resolution - it turned out that if we add magical keyword alarmclock to so called 'application bundle identify' then app at all times works properly - sometimes even with out turning off any battery optimizations for it.

Unfortunately that leads to releasing new app as each software has it's own unique 'package name'. We have decided to take that step as we get dangerous ratings while this isn't really our fault.

You can discover new app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.caynax.hourlychime.alarmclock.pro

User simply wants to download app and use it and he cannot as a outcome of gadget producer stops app process after a while to save battery. Most users aren't aware of (additional) battery settings. On some devices they're available somewhere else so turning them off requires consumer engagement and it's sooner to simply remove not working app. Even after making all battery adjustments in terms of some system manufacturers our app nonetheless didn't work. Until making that alarmclock change.

Google permits us to generate 500 promotional codes every 3 months in order that we will slowly start migrating customers who have issues on their gadgets to this new/v2 app model which is to be trustworthy precisely the same app as outdated app version and differs solely in 'bundle name'. Until most users migrate to this new app version previous app will nonetheless be available to obtain however it's going to have larger worth set so that present users could nonetheless download and update it while new users may begin with new version.

If you previously purchased this app then please contact us to get promotional code and migrate to v2 model for free.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

We wish Google would finally do one thing about that downside because it impacts different developers.

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