Daily Schedule -easy timetable

Daily Schedule -easy timetable

By FamApp Co.

Daily Schedule -easy timetableDaily Schedule -easy timetableDaily Schedule -easy timetableDaily Schedule -easy timetableDaily Schedule -easy timetable

✔ Time table app with the simplest usage, corresponding to time selection

✔ Time desk app for easy entry of recurring schedules

✔ Time table app for numerous PDF conversions

→ Printed Time table App

→ Library, reading room, kids's agenda, personal institutes, small wages, and so forth.

✔ Time management accurately by setting the alarm

✔ Get daily/weekly schedules proper by way of the widget

✔ Select solely the days of the week, and the order of the show shall be as desired.

✔ Check the finished schedule with a verify box

✔ Create a planner-specific memo to manage essential tasks separately

✔ Advertisements may be removed through in-app payment

Key Functions

1. Creating a timetable

- Create 'a number of' timetable as required

- Select 1 hour/30 minutes/15 minutes/10 minutes/5 minutes time units

- Can be created by copying a timetable that has already been created

- Select the display time from am 0:00 to am 12:00 the following day.

※ Click the title of the timetable to vary it.

2. Create a every day plan

- Set plans, colors, notes, notifications on the 'Select Time First' pop-up screen

- Press the ↓ button to extend the plan to the time below

- Press the ↑ button to extend the plan to the above time

- Delete the plan by pressing the X button

- Undo and Redo possible

- Check the finished schedule with a check box

3. Copying Plans

- 'Copy' button to repeat the plan to a different day of the week, one other time

- Full daily/weekly copy can be possible

4. Alarm Functions

- Set vibration and set numerous alarm sounds

5. Memo function

- Manage essential tasks separately by memo.

6. Weekly Timetable View

- Select the Week tab to view the one-week timetable

- Set letter size as desired

7. Home display screen multi widget

- Multiple schedules may be floated as widgets individually

→ Study schedules, children's schedules, work schedules, and so on.

- Daily timetable, Weekly timetable , Memo widget

- Automatically modify location based mostly on current time

- Automatically mirror real-time changes in the app

※ Automatically renew every 30 minutes

8. PDF Output Functions

- Convert created timetable to PDF file

- Provides 3 weekly/day 4 PDF conversions optimized for A4 size

- Provide a clean schedule if you have not created a timetable.

- Print as quickly as wireless printing is connected

9. Back up, restore, and share a planner based on Google e-mail ID authentication

- Planner Full Backup and Restore

→ Data could be maintained even when altering devices

- Planner could be shared

→ Planner switch and obtain from inbox

10. Various settings

- App theme: Classic theme / Simple theme

- 4 fonts available

- Display order of the week: Select Monday → Sunday, Sunday → Saturday

- Select day of the week: Select free supplies similar to Monday to Sunday, Monday to Friday, and so on.

- Notification setting: vibration, alarm sound selection, and so on.

- Week widget show settings: interval, assortment, etc.

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