CalcKit: All-In-One Calculator

CalcKit: All-In-One Calculator

By CalcKit

CalcKit: All-In-One CalculatorCalcKit: All-In-One CalculatorCalcKit: All-In-One CalculatorCalcKit: All-In-One CalculatorCalcKit: All-In-One Calculator

CalcKit is a straightforward however powerful assortment of calculators and converters for math, electronics, finance, and extra.

Designed with simplicity in mind, it helps you solve all types of on an everyday basis issues.

From simple calculations to unit and currency conversions, percentages, proportions, areas, volumes, etc… it does it all.

Featuring over one hundred fifty FREE Calculators and Unit Converters, packed with a highly customizable Scientific Calculator, it is the one calculator you'll need in your system from now on.

Scientific Calculator

★ Instant results

★ Copy and paste support

★ Customizable scientific keypad

★ Editable input cursor

★ Memory buttons

★ Advanced calculation history

★ Floating calculator widget

150 Calculators Converters

★ Algebra, Geometry, Electronics, Finance, Unit Converters Misc

★ Currency converter with one hundred eighty currencies and crypto, available offline

★ Instant outcomes as you type

★ Smart seek for quicker navigation

★ Create shortcuts on house screen

Custom Calculators

★ Custom tools builder for creating your personal calculators

★ Up to 25 variables per calculator

★ Detailed tutorial with examples


• Percentage calculator

• Proportion calculator

• Average calculator - arithmetic, geometric and harmonic means

• Equation solver - linear, quadratic, cubic and equation systems

• Combinations and permutations

• Decimal to fraction

• Fraction simplifier

• Prime number checker

• Greatest widespread factor Least common multiple

• Matrix calculator


• Triangle, right triangle, sq., rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon, polygon, circle, circular segment, circular sector, ellipse

• Cube, cuboid, prism, pyramid, pyramidal frustum, tetrahedron, octahedron, cylinder, truncated cylinder, cone, conical frustum, sphere, spherical cap, spherical sector, spherical phase, spherical wedge, torus


• Resistor shade code - as a lot as 6 bands

• Inductor shade code

• LED resistor calculator

• Series and parallel parts - resistors, capacitors, inductors

• Ohm's law

• Power triangle

• Y-Δ Transformation

• Voltage divider

• Voltage regulator - LM317

• Operational amplifier

• NE555 timer calculator

• Filters calculator

• Reactance and resonance calculator

• Wire resistance and conductance

• Transformer ratio

• Battery life calculator

• Analog-Digital converter

• Frequency calculator


• Currency converter with a hundred and eighty currencies and crypto, out there offline

• Sales tax calculator

• Tip calculator

• Simple and compound curiosity calculator

Unit Converters

• Angle converter

• Area converter

• Cooking converter

• Data storage converter

• Energy converter

• Force converter

• Fuel converter

• Length converter

• Weight converter

• Numeric base converter

• Power converter

• Prefixes converter

• Pressure converter

• Roman numerals converter

• Shoe measurement converter

• Speed converter

• Temperature converter

• Time converter

• Volume converter

• Acceleration converter

• Airflow converter

• Density converter

• Inertia converter

• Torque converter

• Voltage converter

• Current converter

• Charge converter

• Conductance converter

• Field strength converter

• Resistance converter

• Resistivity converter

• Capacitance converter

• Inductance converter

• Flow converter

• Flux converter

• Permeability converter

• Viscosity converter

• Heat converter

• Light converter

• Magnetism converter

• Radiation converter

• Frequency converter

• and more…


• Date calculator

• Time calculator

• Analytical geometry - distance between 2 points, space of triangle, equation of circle and equation of sphere

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